Just like Yin and Yang, the good requires the evil in order to exist. But in this case, even the bright and white can be just as evil as the dark. In other cultures white is seen as the color of death. Taking this in consideration these following artists are proof that even an innocent and bright color like white can have the same gloomy and disturbing effect as its black counterpart. In connection to spirituality and the color white, angels are the first thing coming to our mind. And following the theme of merging the pure and innocent with the bad and evil, this same contradiction can be found in the story of the fallen angel, Lucifer. Angels are serving God and the humans. Theres no such thing as passion or urges, which is considered as the source of sin, in the sphere of the angels. That’s why angels are viewed as pure. Lucifer betraying God and in conclusion to that getting expelled from heaven embodies this opposition of good vs evil. Behind the innocent outside, theres an evil inside.