Changing human-like eyes into something else and make them look like they belong to another creature sparks an irritating and unfamiliar feeling. If the eyes don’t match the body or if we add one or two more, we’re able to switch our human-like appearance into an undefined look. How many eyes do we actually own? Is it more than just what we see? How we see things, might appear different for someone else. This playful usage of our eyes as a distortion- tool covers the topic of self-perception and the perception by others. Being introspective and self-aware is leading to us focusing on our soul and spirit. In the context of the digital age, the often referenced third eye, a known symbol of inner self-perception and seeing, which goes beyond the normal sight, could be an indicator for a new form of digital spirituality. Having a new vision or being able to see more than can be seen with just one eye or two acts not only as a tool to defamiliarize the human body, it represents the possibility of being able to see more than what one can see with the naked eye.